Let’s Tie the Knot

Welcome one and all, we are here to witness the joining of man & woman.

We have journeyed from our Pre-Wedding checklist, to being excited and confused about choosing the perfect dress and selecting the ideal venues and menus. Together we noted how to choose the ring that fits your personality and how to write the vow that emphasizes your love and appreciation for your significant other. Planning the honeymoon- the time to relax and unwind was a task as well. Now it is the time….. the time we have been anticipating and planning for; the main reason we are here.

The wedding is around the corner and preparations are being done. However, as most if not all will be done by external parties, it is best to ensure that all is in order before your big day.

Below are a few pointers to note to ensure a smooth execution of your wedding:

  1. Speak with your Wedding Planner or contact all vendors to ensure that all areas are covered. Confirm timing and location for pre-wedding arrangement and on the day setting up.
  2. Do an outfit run-through with your Bridal Party. Each person should re-fit there outfits and all accessories should be identified and easily accessible prior to the day. Re-fitting the outfits before ensures that sufficient time is given so necessary adjustments can be made.
  3. Organize all Wedding and Honeymoon items you will need to transport. If the preparations will be done at the wedding location then all items that will be used should be packed and ready for transport. Allocate sufficient time to packing for your Honeymoon. Research required items and ensure all are sourced and packed in time for transport. If the honeymoon will be the same location as the wedding (eg, Hotel/Resort), ensure that your luggage are delivered before time.
  4. Ensure that a Wedding Emergency kit is packed and ready. Holding spare Wedding Accessories and emergency equipment is a good way to ensure the smooth running of the day.
  5. Confirm arrangements for out of town guests and review the seating arrangements. Ensure seats availability for persons that show up but did not RSVP.

Once all things seem to be in order, take deep breaths and repeat “Everything will be fine”. Throughout the planning and preparations, it is best to have someone assisting in the process. Someone who is reliable and persistent is recommended. On the day, it is advised to give that person the responsibility to ensure all is in place while you relax and get ready for your big moment.

Now my advice to you all, go Tie the Knot.

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