What Our CLients Say

Thank you Julian and Futurevents Ja for making our wedding a dream come true. You all are an amazing set of people to work with. We have no regret with anything. People getting married need to book with you. You motivated us when the way seems dull, you inspired us to stay focus and strong. We love you. July 3rd 2016 a day we’ll never forget.
Futurevents Ja
A Dream Came Through
The service given was tremendous. It was warm and friendly. Although small it felt large. Julian a million and one thanks to you for your ideas your warm hospitality, and a great service. You and your team Keep doing a fabulous job at making persons dream wedding come through.
Futurevents Ja
Simple Remarkable
-Kraig & Mitchelle
Futurevents Ja did an excellent job with our wedding, April 2016. I am originally from Jamaica and my husband still lived there. I found myself planning a “destination” wedding for 160 people since we both have a lot of family and friends locally. This idea alone was stressful and I needed an excellent planner. Futurevents Ja called to speak with me and advocate for the job after we inquired, rather than just sending prices via email and not getting back to me for days or weeks as some others did. Working with Julian, Norlon & Sharema was a pleasure, they are always polite, patient, responsive. If I start stressing, they are always the still calm voice just getting the job done. This attitude is a true treasure on the wedding day especially when the contingency plan needs to be executed. When heavy showers of blessings rained on my gardened themed reception half way through setup, Julian moved everything into our back up area for both cocktail hour and reception. Guests did not even notice this was plan 2 because everything was beautifully decorated and ran smoothly. There were of course minor hiccups but guests loved how sweet Julian was in fulfilling their request and making them feel special (My father in law told me several people mentioned how great she was). She definitely always made my husband and I feel special all through the planning process, on the big day and even now as we wrap up the final tasks like picking up our wedding videography. Julian is always open to my input and never complained. She will do her best for you and she will always do it with a smile. Weddings will never be perfect but when you’re happily taking pictures with your new spouse rather than worrying how things are functioning because the wedding idea you had in your head for a year just shifted, then you know you have a planner you can trust. Many thanks to the Futurevents Ja team including our excellent florist. My husband and I had a great time and we were in a bubble of bliss all day!
Futurevents Ja
A pleasure to work with
-Kennesha DaCosta
Thank you so much! The team at Futurevents Ja is very professional, warm and made our day flawless. Julian really knows her stuff and the little intricate details that you never thought about or the big obvious ones that could get left, she had it covered. After 12 weeks into our marriage our guest still talk about our wedding day and they still say it was Awesome!! My uncle-inlaw of over 80 years says its the best wedding he has been to. Thank you Futurevents Ja you are the best! PS: We are thinking of renewing our vows in the next five years and we’ll still choose you
Futurevents Ja
You Made it Unforgettable!
-Jean & Glen Plummer
When I became engaged on my birthday, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. We set the date to get married 8 months after that. I knew basically what I wanted and that the evening had to have an feeling of elegance. However I had no idea where to begin. Finding Futurevents Ja (Julian) was the smartest move to make before planning any aspect of my wedding. Their insight and knowledge made the stress melt away and I could enjoy this time instead of pulling my hair. Julian is fun and easy to work with and she always had my interest and budget in mind when moving forward with any plans. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to experience the joy of having a stress free wedding and reception.
Futurevents Ja
My Experience
-Anneisha M
Hi Julian, I express sincere thank you to yourself and your team for an EXCEPTIONAL JOB done for my wedding!!! You saw my vision and gave me everything i would want for my decor beyond my expectations! You’re very courteous, professional and time efficient. There is no other way i would want my wedding decor to be. I found no faults, my husband and I are pleased with the results and the fact we could entrust you with our decor idea. I’M IN LOVE WITH MY BOUQUET!! OMG!! Julian, you are superb, great service from you and your team!!!! May your business continue to flourish! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Futurevents Ja
Exceptional Job
-Ramoy & Jestina
Our day was truly made special with Futurevent’s expertise and elegant touch. My husband and I were very pleased with the decor, floral arrangements and the professionalism received from Julian and her team. We highly recommend anyone to give Futurevent a try at anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and any other special events they have coming up. You certainly will not be disappointed. A big thank you to Futurevents Jamaica for their hard work in making our day a memorable one!
Futurevents Ja
Special Day
-Michael And Trinel Lyn
aaahhh I just don’t know where to start. So much love and support from Futurevents Ja, my husband and I have no regrets in having your team plan our big day, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You gave us just what we wanted and i’m sure when we are ready to renew our vows, we will have no doubt working with your team again. As a matter a fact we are booking right now for our vow renewal, that’s how much we are happy working with you guys when my husband woke this morning he kept saying how the guests looked happy and how pretty the decorations were. Thanks you so much and much much much love to you Julian and your team. I would recommend Futurevents no question, to any and everyone. Lots of love from Mr and Mrs Delaveau
Futurevents Ja
The Best
Service received from Futurevents Ja for our wedding was exceptional.Special ‘BIG UP’ for the cake which surpassed our expectation, I have tasted many wedding cakes but none could compare to ours .Keep up the good work team, wishing you God richest blessings.
Futurevents Ja
-Tracey-Ann Christie
The service provided by Futurevents was exceptional.Julian and her capable team transformed my wedding into a truly magical experience. They ensured that everything was perfect;they have truly exceeded my expectations.Keep up the good work guys, God bless.
Futurevents Ja
One of a kind
-Tiffany S
When we decided to get married and set the date for October 16,2016, we were clueless as to the first step until we just happened upon a Facebook advertisement by Futurevents Ja and made the call and set the first meeting. From that moment until today, 3 days after my wedding, it has been nothing less than unbelievably amazing. The team I met consisting of Julian, Norland and Sharema treated us not just as clients but as an extraordinary couple that has entered their lives. Because of the love Julian has for her work, we got so much more than we actually bargained for. What impressed me most about this lady is that when a problem came up and I say it to her, even though the problem is not related to our agreement she produces workable excellent solutions that is calming to me the panicking bride. Please note that I just stated that I approached her with problems unrelated to the business I had with her. That’s because that’s how helpful she really is. After your first encounter with this team, please believe me, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE INTERESTED IN CHECKING ANYWHERE else. The location was beautifully and tastefully well done, and she remained on location to ensure my happiness is secure. She is very professional, organized, excellent at problem solving, multi tasking, knowledgeable, excellent at meeting deadlines and structured. This lady delivers! Her business is happiness, and that goal is only met when you are happy. Thank you Julian, thank you Norlan, thank you Sharema and also to the lady also apart of their team for that amazingly beautiful and delicious cake. Nuff nuff love.
Futurevents Ja
Outstanding, Unforgettable Team
-Brad and Tracy-Ann Wedderburn
Futurevents was very instrumental in making our special day on August 18th 2013 one of the most memorable day ever. Julian was so friendly, helpful and supportive. She made all our expectations came through from decor, invitations to souvenirs. Our church decoration was truly unique and beautiful. WE ENJOYED YOUR WARM AND EXCELLENT SERVICES.YOU MAKE DREAM WEDDINGS A REALITY.
Futurevents Ja
Best Day Ever!
-Onika and Karis K
My husband and I had a great time on our wedding day, thanks to Futurevents :). We would like to relive that very special day every year. The ambiance, the décor and the service; you name it they did it 🙂 Thanks again Futurevents for making that day so great.
Futurevents Ja
Our Special Day
-Shanika, B
Thanks for the Excellent Job. Our wedding was awesome and breath-taking , you and your team were great. We indeed have beautiful memories that will last us a lifetime.
Futurevents Ja
Excellent Service
-Mark and Tavianna Prince. ❤❤❤
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