How to choose the perfect dress?

Welcome back to our wedding series..

Last week we focused on the starter’s guide for getting engaged and this week we will look at choosing your wedding dress.

This may be the hardest part of the journey and may also be the most exciting part. It is mandatory that the bride looks exceptionally beautiful on her day as well as ensuring maximum comfort. In the next few minutes, we will look at the main areas of focus when choosing the perfect dress.

1. Get an early start on compiling ideas. Browse through fashion/wedding magazines and websites to gain an insight on different styles and types of wedding dresses. This will help to give the bride an idea on the style of dress she may want to wear.

2. Make a list of all the stores/designers from whom you would like to get the dress as well as a list of styles you like and dislike for the dress. This narrows your search and helps to identify what styles to avoid when shopping thus saving time.

3. Ensure to research your body shape and figure in order to identify the silhouette that works best for you. The dress chosen should highlight your best feature while concealing your worst. Upon visiting the stores/ designers for fittings, you may solicit the views of others but ensure you form your own perception and make your decision based on your preferences and comfort.

4. When setting appointments, try to get the earliest possible time for fittings.

5. Forget trends and focus on personal style. Ensure your preferences are taken into consideration as your wedding dress should be ‘timeless’ and reflect you in the best way possible.

6. Do not make a decision if you feel pressured. Ensure that your dress is being chosen in a relaxed and stress free environment as the decision will be made with a clear mind.

7. Ensure comfort and flexibility when fitting the dresses. Moving, sitting and dancing are all main points of the day.

The above information should be considered if selecting a different dress for the Reception.
The bride also wants to ensure her Bridesmaids look their best as well. Choosing the Bridesmaid dresses are less pressuring than that of the Wedding dress and should be done to ensure that the theme of the wedding is adhered to. In the event that different styles can be chosen, the bride can solicit input from the bridesmaids, where each will be given the opportunity to wear a style of their choosing which should be in accordance to the color scheme.

In the next article, we will look at choosing the perfect venue and selecting the Wedding Menu.

See you next time.

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