Planning A Wedding–Where to start?

Most if not all females anticipate the day when their ‘babe’ pop that special question and the arrival of that specific day marks an exciting journey; she we will never forget. Now it’s time to start planning, but where to start?

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with that special person is the beginning and once we do, we delve ourselves into a world wind of sweet confusion and excitement. Planning your wedding should be done to ensure that the day you say ‘I DO’ is the most memorable day of your life and in order to get there, the journey is one that requires a detailed “list of to do’s”.

To help all “soon to be wed”, an initial list can be used as a guide to ensure the main points of focus are covered. Assuming you are currently engaged, with the next 9-16 months to spare before getting hitched, you can begin your planning by:

  • Getting a wedding binder or folder- browse through fashion, food and bridal magazines for inspiration.
  • Identifying and following a budget which should include all wedding costs, specifying that for locations, food, dress for all parties involved, stationary etc.
  • Reserving the date and location; factoring in travelling for both you and your guests.
  • Picking the wedding party and preparing the guest lists- this goes hand in hand with the budget as the size of the wedding will affect your budget. Ensure you have contact information for all intended guests and RSVP’s. See our article which gives tips on planning your wedding on a budget.
  • Researching caterers, photographers, bands (optional) & florists.
  • Book Officiant

The wedding binder should hold information and ideas on all of the above areas. In the upcoming months, each area should then be broken down to ensure that each point is dealt with separately.

Next, we will focus on each wedding detail with information on how to choose the perfect location, menu and dress.

See you soon.

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