Wedding Vows

It’s more than saying “I Do”

As we continue our bridal series, in the previous article we wrote about Saying yes! to venues and menus.  We now turn our pages to the vows made to each other. We can always go with the traditional ceremony where the vows or promises are repeated after the officiant but we can also choose to express our feelings, which most times are not covered in the former. Writing your own vows allows you to express your inside voice, explaining your innermost thoughts and emotions.

Standing at the altar, you will be pledging to stand by your partner throughout sickness and health but why not do it in a non-traditional way? Tell your spouse how and why you fell in love. Talk about what you guys conquered together and how much you anticipate the challenges of the future…. Tell your partner how your love will be a force to be reckoned with……. Tell your spouse what you love and respect most about him/her. Just express your natural most inner feelings, go deep down and find that spot with all those lovely butterflies, release them…

However, as the above allows an alternative to the traditional vows, some of us are shy or think they can’t. Don’t worry, we got you. Below are some tips/guidelines to assist:

  • Read examples of Wedding Vows for inspiration and ideas on structure.
  • Relive your past to identify and jot down the best times of your relationship.
  • Note at least two promises that you wish to make.
  • Write the first draft with a specific structure in mind- Affirming your love, praising your partner, offering promises and ending with a final vow is a good structure to use.
  • Review the draft and make necessary changes. Borrow from poetry, traditional vows or romantic novels/movies while avoiding clichés and embarrassing moments.
  • Shorten your vows to a maximum of two minutes.
  • Ensure that you practice out loud, to a family member or close friend, if you wish to share the vows beforehand. However, do not recite the vows as if you are in an acting class. You want to become one with the words as they flow effortlessly.
  • Most importantly, be genuine.

See you next time, as we continue our Wedding Journey by looking at one of the most important thing for the bride, do you know what that is? Tell us in the comment section…waiting to hear from you.

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