Budgeting With Your Partner

Budgeting with your partner when planning your wedding…

The “question” was popped and you said yes! You can get excited for a minute, absorb it, and revel in your emotion for the moment. When most of the emotions are now in check, it’s time for logics. Let us talk a little about budgeting!

We believe, when planning your wedding, it is very important to first, have that budget chat with your partner. After which, you start planning. Talk about what’s a reasonable amount to spend for the wedding (A range is good). Which, expenses you’re going to prioritize (Do you want an expensive ring? What will you be compromising for that, the guest list?), and how you’re going to come up with those monies. Click here for tips when planning your wedding on a budget. 

What is most important, your wedding or your marriage? You know that your long-term goals like buying a home, traveling or starting a family can be negatively affected by the financial decisions you make when planning your wedding. Those financial decisions can caused you to go into your married life in debt.

Don’t think the more you invest in your wedding is the more you are investing in your marriage? Best believe, there is life after a wedding.

At Futurevents Ja, we encourage our couples to have that conversation with each other. Let the budgetting be a collaborative one and the process leading up to the epic day will be a great adventure. Most importantly, life after the wedding will be happy ever after and you keep falling in love with each other over and over until the end of time!  

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