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Futurevents Ja believes that all wedding should be on a budget; it doesn’t matter if you are planning a small affair or a big affair; a budget is very vital in planning your wedding day. Often times we are asked by couples to design their dream wedding on a budget that does not coincide with their dreams. How do you explain to a couple that their dreams wedding will cost more than their budget? When getting married, couples need to understand the budget that they are working with and be reminded that they need to prioritize to achieve their dream wedding with their budget.

Here are five (5) tips that couples can look at when planning their dream wedding on a small budget.

Tip #1

Focus On What Is Important: Couples need to focus on what is important to them. When planning their wedding they need to sit down and really think about what is most important to them as a couple, and then go from there. Each wedding is different and unique in its own way. Things that are important to Jane and John for their wedding may not be what it’s important to you for your wedding. Things like décor for the ceremony or reception, flowers, food, music, the dress or a special venue. The top two or three things that are important to you, move these items to the top of your wedding budget allocation.

Tip #2

Reduce you Guest List: Reducing your guest list can help you with managing your budget. Focus on having the most important people at your wedding. Looking at your head count can greatly assist with managing your budget; look at having an intimate wedding with close family members and friends. Reducing head count will reduce your reception costing; reception cost can be 45-50% of your wedding budget. Remembering what matters most is very important; weddings are all about the celebration of love and an intimate affair truly depicts the love of the couple.

Tip #3

Manage Your Expectations: The reality is that most couple cannot have it all on a limited budget. Because of the limited funds available, couple can pull elements from their inspiration board such as Pinterest and design their wedding. Instead of having a full floral centerpieces the couple can decide to use candles instead and incorporate flower in their wedding by arrange a few flowers in each guest’s napkin. This way you get the beauty of flowers without spending a lot of money. Looking at inexpensive centerpieces can save you a lot of money and you can use the additional saving towards covering other aspect of your wedding.

Tip #4

Choose an off-season wedding date: Couple will be able to save on venue cost and services as prices are negotiable during these period. You will have package deals and specials at this time; capitalize on this. Save on honeymoon travel by traveling off-season for low rates or create your honeymoon night at home until you can afford to go on a honeymoon. You can also choose mid-week wedding as the demand for venues and services’ providers are lower during mid-week.

Tip #5

Wedding Time: Best to host a morning wedding than an evening wedding. The meal is more affordable in the morning as breakfast or a brunch meal will be served. When hosting a morning wedding couple need not to think about a consumption bar or after-party entertainment for guests. This will surely reduce the cost allocation for meal and entertainment.

 Please share your comments and suggest other tips for couples getting married.


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