Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes


One of the highlight of your wedding day will be when you cut your wedding cake in front of your friends and family.Your wedding cake will be gazed upon prior to it being cut, as it sits beautifully throughout your wedding reception; waiting on you to take that very first slice as husband and wife.

What we offer?

It is common when choosing a wedding cake to match it with your wedding color theme or wedding style.  Some couples opt for the traditional tiered wedding cake, whereas others are a little more adventurous and go for a unique wedding cake or even cupcake wedding cakes which are easy to distribute. Our wedding cakes vary in prices depending on your preferences and style. Futurevents Ja will bring the wedding cake to the wedding venue on the day of your wedding and set it up beautifully to complement your decor.  We have variety of choices to help you decide on the style of wedding cake you want..

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