Floral Arrangements
Floral Arrangements


Your wedding flowers can be the center of attention for your wedding, so it’s important to find wedding centerpieces and wedding bouquets that you love and standout. Click here to see photos of wedding floral arrangements done by Futurevents Ja florist you can show off on the day of your wedding.

What we offer?

Floral arrangement is an art and we at Futurevents Ja take this art very seriously. It’s not necessary that only exotic flowers are used to make beautiful flower arrangements. Elegant creations can be done with simple flowers and even wild flowers. There are several types of flower arrangement. Depending on the focal point, shape of the arrangement and the fillers used. The Types we specialize in are as follow:

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

A very shallow container is used to make this type of flower arrangement. It has a single big flower as the focal point and drooping flower branches are added to each side. Rose is the main flower used as the focal point in this type of flower arrangement. Horizontal flower arrangements are very low and hence are suitable for center table decorations. 

Floral Arrangement






Vertical Flower Arrangement

It is a tFloral Designall flower arrangement. Tall stems of flowers and leaves like tulips, roses and carnations are used for this type of floral arrangement. Shorter fillers like forget-me-not are used to make the arrangement look balanced.  






Oval Flower ArrangementFloral Design

This type of floral arrangement has the brightest and tallest flowers in the center. The color and the size of the flowers are allowed to gradually reduce by degrees towards the sides. Oval flower arrangements look formal and hence it’s used mostly in formal settings. 





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