Let’s Tie the Knot

Welcome one and all, we are here to witness the joining of man & woman. We have journeyed from our Pre-Wedding checklist, to being excited and confused about choosing the perfect dress and selecting the ideal venues and menus. Together we noted how to choose the ring that fits your personality and how to write

Five(5) Wedding Tips

Weddings are very important events and most times we all get caught up in the essence of how special the day should be. For this fact there are a few things we usually overlooked. On this special day, there can be and most times are, many surprises. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you 5 tips

Rocking That Ring

It is in fact true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but unless they have some memories attached, they can be quite meaningless. You can opt to have your engagement rings personalized which can include different stones and offers a stunning alternative to the traditional white diamonds. These gems offer uniqueness and flexibility for you